Days 10/11- It Is Done

*Days 1-9 were written on my old blog which has been deleted, therefore the posts have also been deleted.*

Hello everyone. I hope you had a very merry Christmas. Welcome back to The Block Brothers. This is Jonah, ready to fill you in on the progress on my island.

First, I wanted to explain a little bit what our (Tyler and I) plans our for this blog a bit more thoroughly. My specialty is playing singleplayer and then filling you in on what I did in the day, what I built, what I did to my island, etc. I do this by taking numerous screenshots and giving a brief overview on what happened. I hope one day to get some stuff (recorder, microphone) where I can post videos on what happened instead of pictures. I’ll see what I can do about that.

We do not plan on just talking about my island. One thing that Tyler is going to do a lot of on this blog is checking out new and old mods and then reviewing them. He will say what they’re all about and if it is even worth downloading it. Also, if you have any cool suggestions for stuff we could build we would love to hear them. You can leave a suggestion in a comment. We won’t necessarily be able to build it and if we do decide to try, it might take a while based on the idea. Suggestions are still welcome, however. Now back to my island.

In the last couple days I have done more playing around on our new blog than I have on Minecraft, but I still have managed to accomplish some things. Take a look for yourself:

Awwwww, that sheep wants to go mining with me…

Time for some good ol’ mining fun

In the lowest level of my house. I built this table for my Christmas Dinner post and decided it looked kinda cool so I kept it

Can you tell what I changed in this room? All I did was remove a layer of dirt from the ceiling. Nothing too exciting

I added another furnace and an enchantment table…awesome

Tyler filled me in on why my melon garden wasn’t growing and now I have 256 melon slices along with almost 100 bread and about 60 pork chops/steaks/chickens

Added a few pieces of diamond armor to my outfit. Fancy, right?

My favorite improvement on my island. Now it’s closed…

…now it’s not. IT’S MAGIC!

Just kidding, no magic just a couple sticky pistons. Yeah, I finally got that slime (shh, I kinda cheated)

Here is my melon garden producing melons at an alarming rate

I also built an observation room so I can see my entire island

Thank goodness gravity and a few laws of Physics do not exist in Minecraft

Here is my island…come on grass hurry up and grow.

That’s about all I did today.

Happy Mining!

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