Slime Mod Review

Having trouble finding slimes? Want to make a sticky pistons but have no slime to go around? Then you need this! The slime mod. This mod will make finding slimes so much easier that you will find that you have too much slime and you need to get rid of it.

Upon successfully downloading this mod slimes will spawn more frequently. Also, slimes will spawn in different colors. These colors include: Red, Pink, Black, Dark Green, and Blue. Finally (also the most helpful part of this mod), slimes will spawn at ground level in the dark just as all other creatures do. They will also die when the sun rises just as skeletons and zombies do. This is extremely helpful if you want to make a few sticky pistons. Slimes can also be used to make magma cream which can be combined with a potion to make a temporary resistance to fire potion.

If you are having extreme difficulty in finding any slimes then I highly recommend this mod. However (while I may still need slimes in the future), all I needed was two slimes. I also have no current intentions of using it for a potion so I only needed it for about two minutes. While the uses of slime might be few, downloading the mod is extremely simple and it is handy if you need a sticky piston of two.

Final Rating:


I give it 4/5 diamonds due to its simplicity with downloading it, its helpfulness in getting slime, but there aren’t many uses for slime.

If you need Modloader:

Slime mod:

If you need a good tutorial on how to download a mod:

Happy Mining!


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