Vertical Redstone Mod Review

Hello everyone! Jonah here to talk to you about the Vertical Redstone mod. You can probably guess what it is about but is it worth your time?

Now you can put redstone on walls

As you may have guessed, the vertical redstone mod allows you to put redstone on walls instead of having to make a more complicated circuit. This mod can be extremely helpful as I always want to make a redstone circuit and have a heck of a time with it because I can’t put redstone on walls. While this mod is very easy to download and will likely make making circuits easy as pie, there is a little glitch which is kind of annoying.

If you make a mistake in your circuit and destroy a few pieces of redstone you might see that you didn’t get that piece of redstone back.

Where's my redstone?!

It may appear that no redstone was dropped, but it was. You can’t see it but it’s there, when you pick it up it won’t go back into your pile of redstone in your inventory, it will go into a new pile called redstone dust. There is no icon for redstone dust, just a number. When you place redstone dust on the ground or on a wall it looks just like normal redstone and will act just like normal redstone.

No icon, just a number. This is redstone dust

 Final Rating:

I give it 3/5 diamonds because it is extremely helpful, easy to download, however the glitch is rather irritating. I recommend it if you do a lot of redstone circuits, but download it at your own risk.

Here is the link for the Vertical Redstone mod download:



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