Days 12/13- The Underground Railroad

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Hello one and all. It has been an amazing four days on this blog. We already have followers and more views than I ever thought we would get in this short time. Tyler and I are going to continue making it as awesome as we can. Presently, I have done a lot of the blogging but Tyler is planning to write a review on a couple mods in the next couple days. In the mean time I have made a significant improvement to my island and I am here today to talk to you about it.

This improvement was something that I have thought about doing for quite some time but have not had the will or the resources to do it, until now. I will explain more in a minute. Here is how my entire island is going as of right now.

Upon returning from my island from wherever I was, I had the misfortune of running into two creepers. It would have been a perfect video moment. I saw one, got ready to kill it, and another showed up. I screamed, ran like hell into my castle, and eventually killed them.

Not that I need anymore bread but my wheat gardens are moving along quite well.

I added a deck to my castle, very simple.

I added some rails to my castle to prevent my eventual death

I added a window to my castle just for fun

I fixed my wall, nothing major, just a little renovation

My melon garden is producing way more melons than I can eat

The grass is finally close to reaching my island. TOOK LONG ENOUGH!

Here is my secret improvement. Can you guess what it is? (If you read the title, you can probably figure it out)

I initially wanted to do a little escape from my observation tower, and it turned into something much better

I jumped from my tower and here I am. Welcome to…

…my underground railroad! It leads from my island directly to my original spawn point and lighthouse.

I couldn’t make enough rails to extend the length of my tunnel unfortunately.

Check out the scenery. I almost fell to my death here. I almost wet myself…

At the lighthouse end of my tunnel, I have a little crate full of stuff for my use if I ever die or something. I have died too many times and lost everything I own, so here you go.

Here is the other end of my tunnel

Back at my old lighthouse. Good times, good times.

My tunnel. Sooooo long…..

sooooooooooooo long……………

Run, Forrest, run!

Quick! We must make it back in time to watch some Big Bang Theory!

Look! A minecart! We might make it back in time now!

Go, minecart, go!

I didn’t intend to put a railway in initially. I ran into one of these mines, saw some rails and thought…”Hey, I’m gonna put in a railway.”

I got plenty of powered rails to get me from my lighthouse to my island.

There’s the exit!

Run! It’s 6:58! Big Bang Theory starts in two minutes!


Ok I admit, that last part was a lie. I didn’t run into a creeper on the way back, I just wanted to do something fun with this picture. Anyway, that was my underground railroad. Like I said, I had wanted to do it for a while but didn’t. I don’t know what I am going to build next. I have a crap load of cobblestone now thanks to all that mining I had to do so I might build another lighthouse. We’ll see. Be sure to stay tuned as Tyler is going to write a review on a couple mods in the next day or two. Until then, thanks for reading, and Happy Mining!

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