Hello, Tyler here. I’ve been busy these last few days and I haven’t had much time to write a new post.(Well actually, I’ve just been lazy). But I’m here now to present you with Treecapitator. It’s an excellent mod that I’ve been using for a long time now. Basically it changes the properties of wood logs and trees, making all the logs of a tree fall when cut. However this feature only works when you cut the very bottom log of a tree with an axe. Nicely enough it doesn’t matter which axe you use, because they all do the same. The only difference is durability. Since you only need to cut one log of a tree instead of the usual 7 or so, axes last about 6-7 times longer than usual. And you can get a few stacks of  wood easily enough.

These are one of the most annoying trees of all. Due to the fact that a lot of the logs are hidden in the leave blocks, you can never be sure if you cut them all.

Just remember to cut the bottom log block of a tree and that tall annoying tree becomes...

A nice pile of logs. There are more logs than shown, but they are hidden in the leaves which will disappear.

This isn't part of the mod but, apparently there are tree sheep in Minecraft!

That same sheep after a rescue operation.

Now here comes the cool part of the mod. It is incredibly easy to remove trees and collect a good amount of logs.

The same image above only sped ahead about 3 minutes. Notice the stacks of wood I have in my inventory.

I really enjoy this mod. It removes the hassle of floating trees and missed logs. It also streamlines the removal of trees. If only Notch would add this to Vanilla Minecraft. I give this mod a score of…..

I give Treecapitator a 4 out of 5. It’s a really great mod, but there is a small annoyance. With this mod tree logs take a lot longer to cut through. Normally that wouldn’t matter but there are times when I build log cabins and having to take 10 seconds to remove a single log is a little annoying. Besides that the mod is perfect. No glitches, easy to install, and easy to use.

The mod link:

This mod requires modloader:

Also when installing this mod, as with any mod, make sure to delete the META-INF folder.

Thank you! Have a good day!



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