Days 14/15- The Lighthouse

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Hello everyone. Welcome back to The Block Brothers. Jonah here to fill you in on my island and what’s going on with this blog. This will be my final post about my island for the year. We will continue writing mod reviews, map reviews, and island updates throughout the next year.

Remember, if you want us to report on anything special, show you how to build something, or whatever, just e-mail us at

If you missed our previous post, I said that there would be some cool stuff happening on here on New Year’s Eve. So be sure to come back and check us out.

Also, starting on Monday, January 2nd, we will be writing for The Game Guide Blog. We will be writing in their Minecraft Monday section. You can check out their website here:

There is one other piece of important news, but we are saving that for the special New Year’s post to tell you. There’s another reason to stop back here.

Ok, enough of this blog news. Let’s start talking about my island.

As always, I made a few minor improvements to my island as well as one very big improvement. I went to go get some more dirt, I improved my underground railroad (all I did was add about 50 rails), I went back to my old lighthouse, and I had to, unfortunately, go to the Nether.

For the first few hours of the day today I was working on a special New Year’s Eve project but it was extremely frustrating and I came to the conclusion that what I was trying to do was impossible.

Today’s big improvement was…another lighthouse. Yes, I have started work on another lighthouse. Like I said before, I got a lot of stone from making my underground railroad so this needed to be done.

It isn’t done quite yet. I still need to get some more glowstone (CRAP!). But for the most part, my lighthouse is complete.

Once again I have fixed the front interior wall of my castle. I changed it so it would be symmetrical instead of looking like crap.

I expanded the window in my castle.

I also added a window to the other side. I looked out and thought “I need to add something so water isn’t the only thing you see.”

I fixed the stairs to my observation room so that they aren’t in the way.

I added a fence gate to my melon garden.

Here is the base for my lighthouse. The island is 12×12 but the lighthouse is only 10×10.

Here you go. Lighthouse structure complete. I think it is about 28 stories high.

I thought about using lava, netherack with fire, but I decided to use glowstone. Which meant I had to go to the Nether…yay.

Wish me luck.

I ended up leaving the Nether with 77 glowstone. I only encountered 2 pigmen. I mined the last of the glowstone that I wanted, I built the glowstone from the dust in my inventory. At the exact moment I finished making the final brick, I heard that evil evil noise. The noise that signals your imminent death.

A ghast. A ghast who shot a fireball at me.

I heard that sound, left my inventory (I still had 3 dust in my work area so I dropped them), and I ran like hell. Thankfully, I wasn’t lost. I knew exactly where to go. I wasn’t going to stop and fight it cause I only had about 10 arrows. So I ran and made it back to the portal. I wasn’t done encountering monsters though.

Of course I came back to my old lighthouse (which is a big reason I made the underground railroad). It was night and I encountered a creeper, a zombie and a skeleton. Again, I ran like hell.

I could have killed them, but I didn’t feel like it.

My lighthouse with glowstone. Like I said, I need some more.

The grass is getting closer!!!

Thanks for reading. Be sure to stop back here New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Also, I believe Tyler is going to write a mod review tomorrow. I can’t remember what it’s about but you should check that out too.

Have a great day, and Happy Mining!

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