Day 16- GRASS!

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Hello fellow miners! This is Jonah reporting on a very amazing improvement on my island. This is a project that I have been working on since I finished making my island. It has included a lot of waiting, waiting, and even more waiting. However, the hard part is now finished, and it is almost complete.

Yes. The grass is finally starting to grow on my island.

And I just thought about how often I say “my island” and how annoying it is starting to get. So, I am going to come up with a name for my island.

Here’s how the rest of my island is going.

I returned to the Nether for some more glowstone.

Yay! Glowstone!

Got Glowstone?

No ghast encounters this time. I heard one but it didn’t try to kill me.

This is where the exit is. I destroyed the first portal and the next time I exited there was a new portal. I have an infinite source of obsidian at least.

I left the minecart on the other side and I had to walk all the way back

I got all the glowstone put in. Now I just need to put in some netherrack.

My lighthouse is complete.

Who wants some cake?

Here is the progression of the grass on my island.

Almost there…

GRASS! That’s one small step for miners, another giant leap for minekind.

Thanks for reading. We will have some special New Year’s posts tomorrow. Come back and check them out.

Happy Mining!

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