Day 17- That’s One Freaking Crazy Tree

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Hello everyone. Happy New Year! I have yet another update on my island today, which I have now officially named St. Minnow. To many of you that might not make a lot of sense. But my last name sounds a lot like minnow and that has been one of my family’s prominent nicknames throughout the years, so it fits.

Come back to our blog later tonight because we will have three more posts. Actually, two of them will technically be published on tomorrow because they will be published at midnight.

Also, we will have a very special announcement on one of our midnight blogs.

A lot of what I am writing right now, concerning St. Minnow, I actually did last night, but whatever.

I chopped down all of my trees so I could make a small bridge.

I planted more trees and this freak of a tree showed up.

Really. What the heck?

Here is the little bridge that I made. It is only meant for crossing the river, nothing special.

I expanded the beach a little bit.

I am now extending the grass to my lighthouse.

The grass is growing in my castle now.

I made another bridge from my castle to my lighthouse.

Added a couple bookshelves to my home.

I got tired of the hidden switch for my castle so I “switched” it up a bit. Sorry for the pun.

Seriously, check out that tree. It is pretty messed up.

I added a couple note blocks to my underground railroad just for fun. It is a long ride so I just minimize the game and go do something else. The note block warns me if I am close to the end.

I added 100+ rails to my railroad too.

Might be hard to see but I added a bunch of flowers to St. Minnow.

I wanted more glowstone, and that’s what I got.

I fixed the stairs withing my castle.

I built a treehouse within my freak tree.

I put in some windows and did some renovating inside.

Lighthouse interior

The grass in my house has all grown. The only thing left now is the lighthouse.

I added a fence along my river.

I added some new trees after destroying a lot of them.

Treehouse interior

Here is St. Minnow. Everything that I wanted to build on it, has been built. I will always make a few small changes. But for the most part, my island is complete.

It has been 17 days of Minecraft. 17 days that I have played Minecraft and then reported on it (obviously there was a very long break in there). I published my first Minecraft post on November 19th, saying that I was going to make an island. Now I am done with that island.

There are more things that I can and will build in this world and this isn’t the last you have seen of my island. Thanks for reading. In about 6 hours we will have two special New Years posts along with a special announcement. Be sure to stop back and check it out.

I am also going to put up a St. Minnow- Year in Review (even if it was only 2 months) post.

Happy Mining!

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