Day 18- Farewell

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Hello everyone. I hope you all are having an awesome 2012 so far. I have had a not so pleasant beginning to the new year but that is the way of things. My great-grandma died at about 2:30 in the morning on New Year’s Day. Because of this I will be gone to a funeral this weekend so I will not be posting then. But I have played a little bit today and here is what I got.

I went mining for a bit. I got 12 diamond and saw a heck of a lot of coal.

I made a small memorial to my grandma.

I went to the Nether in search of a Blaze, I found this. A magma cube. I haven’t ever seen them before until now

Upon exiting the Nether, I decided to go on a killing rampage. I took out several slimes, creepers, skeletons, and zombies.

I also completed my underground railroad. It goes directly from one end to the other. I went to another mine after my killing rampage and eventually died, losing all of my diamond weapons and armor, as well as other useful items. Fortunately, I still have 14 diamond and a lot of iron. I am still thinking about what I should do next, stay tuned.

Happy Mining!

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