Day 19- ? (3/365)


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As I sit on my castle, looking out into the ocean, I can’t help but wonder, what should I build next? There are any number of things that I could theoretically build.

I have thought about building a large castle (and not the boring kind of castle that I currently have, something cooler). I have thought about an underwater home, a home in the sky, or a statue.

I have also thought about doing some kind of memorial to the bestest TV show in the whole world, LOST. I made a lost memorial island on minecraft classic in the old days (but due to the limitations of minecraft classic it wasn’t that good).

Please let me know what you think I should build. Respond in the poll below if you want me to build any of those things or if you have any other ideas.


Click here to read Surviving the Nether Part 1


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