Castaway Island Day 1 (4/365)

Hello everyone, Tyler here. Today I decided to do a special post. I decided to do the map known only as “Castaway Island.” It had sounded like a good map and this is my first time playing this map. So here we go!

Hmmmm, waking up in a jet plane. Lost reference anyone?

Ok, I missed the photo opportunity. Basically taking the compass out of the autopilot is a really bad idea. Who knew? Anyway, this looks like a promising island….with a light under water.

Hmmm, Challange Island. Is it supposed to be “Challenge Island?”

Looks a little ominous to me. A ladder leading deep into the depths of the world, or in this case, the depths of an island.

This is cool. There’s an entire room dedicated to quests and miscellaneous objective you can do. I may have to re-visit this later.

I also found a much bigger map of the world located in the basement. This is very cool. It shows all of the different Islands and where they are located in relation to “Challange Island.” I may have to build one of these on my personal world.

This must be Castaway Island. It looks like a paradise. Sandy beaches with palm trees. It’d be a shame to destroy the trees, I think.

Another great view from the side of the mountain/cliff.

Hmmm, this looks like a nice cave.

What a nice little cave. It’ll serve as a nice home.

Found a pig swimming off of Castaway Island. Once I can find another pig, it’s going to be porkchop time!

Found a really ominous cave hidden under the waterfall. If it wasn’t for the spider noises, I probably wouldn’t have found it.

And speaking of Spiders, a nice friendly cave spider, who happens to be poisonous.

After fighting the spider and losing half my health to venom, I decided to head to my Ninja Cave, as I’m calling it. I renovated a little, removing some annoying rocks. Made it a lot homier. Eventually I plan to add better flooring and everything but not yet.

Well and this ends day 1. It’s night right now, both IRL and in Minecraft. Tomorrow I plan on posting Day 2, in which I will explore the rest of this island and get some necessities up. I hoped you enjoyed the photos. Comment and Rate. Thank you!

Click here to read Day 2


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