Castaway Island Day 2 (5/365)

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Well here we are on my Minecraft Map review, Castaway Island Day 2

Here we are, back for Day 2… er Night 1 but still including Day 2.

So I go to turn around and what do I find but creepy skeleton hands… that happen to be trying to kill me through the walls.

And uhhh, Zombie hands too. What happened to the days when Minecrafters could hide INSIDE their house without worrying about being grabbed from outside?

Yeah, so I go outside and of course, a creeper is hanging outside my door. Here’s the damage.

Here we are after a bit of restoration. Besides the floating tree it looks okay.

And apparently the tree was holding back a river. What a great place to build a home!

Home attempt #2. This looks promising.

And of course, the creeper’s friend.

Well I respawned on a……Mushroom Island. I kind of worry a bit. There are some sheep on the island, and I can’t imagine how healthy they are when they consist on a diet of mushrooms.

Noticing a little opening on the side of the island, I decide to check it out.

Only to find a huge room made out of glowstone.

Sweet I have all the stuff I need to make my home on this island. I was worried about wood but there are plenty of saplings, not to mention bonemeal. And look a Diamond Hoe! Not that I needed a diamond one, but hey, I’ll take it!

So yeah, end of day 2. I’ve decided to abandon Castaway Island, for now. I’ll make my home on Mushroom Island. It’ll be trippy, eating mushrooms all day.

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