Just One Tree (6/365)

Today I wasn’t able to get onto Minecraft to do another day in “Castaway Island.” However I decided to do a seed I found on a website.

Here we are: -232085906

This seed creates a nice sized island with one tree, grass and some sand. It’s almost the perfect Survival Island map, for those of us who enjoy that type of challenge. Although I was not able to explore it much, it looks like the island is situated in a massive ocean. Looks like a nice place to build a good home. I may end up doing more on this seed later, but for now I will continue with my Castaway Island series.

A bird's eye view of the island. From first glance it looks to be a nice hilly island. I really think the single tree is a great part of the island. Every survival island bases its maps off of a single tree.

Yet another view of the island.

I know this is a small post, but these last few days I have been busy. I do plan on doing Day 3 in my Castaway Island map playthrough. I hope you enjoyed the post, and have fun playing on this wonderful, natural, Survival Island!



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