Surviving the Nether- Day 2 (8/365)

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Hello one and all. I was sort of hoping to keep this series going a little longer but, unfortunately, it is done. I was attacked from behind by a pigman and pushed of a cliff. But there is some good news, before I died, I miraculously found the portal. I put a chest down and put some of the good stuff in there so I can retrieve it later.

After I found the Blazes, I turned around and tried to find my way back. I encountered many magma cubes on the way.

I fought against many pigmen, ran from many ghasts, went in numerous circles, and then I saw something.

One of the first times that I came to the Nether I was trying to escape and I made a giant pillar of dirt. I found this pillar once more, proving that I was very close to the portal

And here it is, I was certain that I was never going to find it.

I put down a chest and dropped all the important stuff inside.

After dropping the chest I continued with my mission.

I wrote down the coordinates of the portal so that this doesn’t happen again.

After a little more adventuring I put in some more good stuff into the chest.

Not long after this, that stupid pigman pushed me off the cliff and I died on impact.

Home sweet home.

That’s all everyone. No more Surviving the Nether. But this did make me think about starting a new world on hardcore mode. For those of you who don’t know, hardcore mode is exactly like survival only more difficult and when you die your world is deleted. You have only one life.

I am also planning to buy a microphone soon so I can record videos. If I do decide to do a hardcore playthrough then that is how I would do the posts, by video.

Thanks for reading. Tomorrow I will have a death chest mod review so check it out.

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