Death Chest Mod Review (9/365)

Hello World. Jonah here to bring you a very helpful and very short mod review. Have you ever died with a bunch of diamond gear or other important things in your inventory with no way of retrieving them? I know I have.

With the Death Chest mod, you have a chance to save all of you stuff if you die. All you need is to have a chest in your inventory.

Downloading the mod is about as easy as you can get. First of all, you DO NOT need Modloader for this mod. And all you have to do is copy one itty bitty CLASS file into you minecraft.jar folder.

I have a bunch of redstone, some gold, diamonds, coal. And one chest.

I died, and the chest in my inventory was dropped right where I died and filled with all my other stuff

I am back and there is the chest...

...with all of my stuff safe and sound inside.

Yes! It is just that simple. Copy one file, have a chest in your inventory, and die!

If you are going to use this mod however, you should be sure that you will be able to find your chest later on. Otherwise this mod will be sort of worthless. This will also work underwater but I would if the water is very deep where you died you might have some difficulty retrieving it. Also, stay away from lava. It will work but if you want the chest back or if you died in a huge pit of lava you might be in trouble.


This mod gets 5/5 diamonds because from what I have seen there are no glitches, the download is so easy a monkey could do it, and the helpfulness is wonderful. Dying underwater or by lava makes it unpleasant but if that is how you die then it’s your own darn fault.

Download Death Chest mod here:

Happy Mining!


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