Castaway Island Day 3+4 (10/365)

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Hello, Tyler here with Castaway Island Day 3 and 1/2 of Day 4. I’ve finally decided to build a permanent house….on Mushroom Island.

Yep, Mushroom Island. First off I plan on clearing an area for a tree.

Just cleared a small patch of dirt for the very first tree. I’m only using this patch as a temporary tree farm. I will move it to another part of the island.

Whalah! A few seconds later and the magic of bonemeal!

A few minutes later after clearing much of the island. Looks much neater. Which help my OCD a lot!

Time to eat.. some Mushroom Soup. Acid trip anyone?

AAAAHHHH. Everything’s so weird!

A few more minutes later, after the acid trip, the base of my new home.

I figured that since most of my food will be mushrooms, and that hippies eat mushrooms naturally, I built a dirt hut.

Be eco-friendly man!

Nice and cozy inside. I may eventually place some colored wool down for the floor. That will have to be for the next post.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m still working on a Mo’Creatures post whenever I find the opportunity, but I have been busy. School comes first, followed by work. Till next time!


Click here to watch the video for this post


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