Multiplayer Day 1 (13/365)

Hello, today I decided to change up my Minecraft subject. I found this nice server while searching for a server that is updated for 1.1. I played this with a friend of mine. Here we go!


My friend and I left the spawn area with big hopes, to find a nearly endless ocean.

We managed to find an island, in which I manage to kill myself. Not one of my smoothest moments.

And I spend about an hour searching for that same island. The island that we were on had no trees and my friend was stuck there with little food.

I finally manage to get into an open ocean, which must be close to ours. I took a guess and went with the direction that felt right.

I come home... with saplings! Sadly we had access to wood through the mineshafts but not saplings. Also my friend is pictured here holding a piece of rotten flesh. He's a little addicted to eating Rotten Flesh. It's sad to think that he's been cold turkey for a few weeks now. Why! Hold on!

A view of our farm built into the ground of the island. Soon we will get a steady supply of food.

It's a little hard to see but here is the infinite tunnel of webs. It continued on for at least 200 blocks. Very cool.

A sinkhole located smack dab in the middle of our island. We covered it up to prevent accidental deaths, and we also built our home on top. It leads to a massive mine.

Set up our mushroom farm, which hasn't manged to produce anything yet. Mushroom Soup anyone?

Let's just say that I wasn't watching my friend sleep.

Our little piece of heaven.

Here we are. I didn’t manage to take as many photos as I wished but I got a fair amount. I plan on playing this server more in the future. I’m sorry to say but I won’t be giving the server ip yet. I wish to finish the series first, and the server is clogged enough already. The server itself host about 200 people. That’s pretty major!

I hope you liked the post, stay tuned for our 1.1 Minecraft Update post, which should be done on Sunday!



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