Herobrine (17/365)

I’m not sure as to how many of you Minecrafters out there remember this, but I am going to try and refresh your memory. Or in some cases add to your memory.

Do any of you remember Herobrine?

Herobrine was, and in some cases, still is as infamous as the creeper. He started out as a photo posted on Minecraft forums. The player claimed to have met him and seen him in Minecraft. He appeared to be an in-game Npc. To most of you out there, an in-game Npc in Minecraft isn’t scary to you, it’s only normal. Do remember that this was before the days of Minecraft Npcs, this was way before there was sprinting in Minecraft, way before the hunger bar. This goes along with the days of insta-heal porkchops, and the very beginning of the Yogscast videos. Now at the time it was a scary thought, a Npc wandering around, in your world, do who knows what. Supposedly he makes 2×2 tunnels, and removes leaves from trees. Although at the beginning, the forum post was not popular, eventually it got some views and grew into a true-blooded Minecraft meme. Herobrine, the miner with the blank eyes.

The original photo, as seen on the Minecraft forum post.

Soon after Herobrine was revealed to be a hoax. During a livestream event with this very same person, who claimed to have found Herobrine again, the player revealed more than he intended to. The player had bought a new microphone for the event, and was inexperienced in how to shut the microphone off. When he took a small break during the event, others could hear him telling his wife that he was trolling. People watching the livestream were furious and a long steak of hate comments erupted. Then, the computer he was playing on “crashed” and he never told anyone that happened.

Although people were angry at him for the hoax, there were still those that believed. I think that many of the minecrafters would have loved to find a Herobrine, even if said Herobrine destroyed their things. Many people created mods, more of them posted evidence of appearances.

A year or so later, Notch, the creater and god of Minecraft came on revelealing it to be a hoax. Although there is much evidence that he may include him in future updates. Also people commonly refer to him, for everything bad happening. If there is something missing from a chest, Herobrine did it. If there is a pyramid, Herobrine did it. If a player died, Herobrine did it. Now he is as famous, if not more than the creeper. I really hope that they include him in the future! Oh yes, almost forgot. Did you know that the yogscast’s series, “Shadow of Israphel” was based on Herobrine.

I hoped you enjoyed the post, and the look back at some of what made the Minecraft community who they are today.




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