Day 21- Lost…and Still Not Found (18/365)

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I have been rather upset at Minecraft since Monday. Well, I guess I haven’t been upset with Minecraft so much as myself. I wanted to make a bunch of bookshelves for my enchantment table so I went in search of sugar cane (to make paper which makes books which makes bookshelves) and villages (in some villages there are homes that have 6 or 7 bookshelves).

I found a bunch of stuff but I sorta got lost. I wandered around for a while and eventually I was at a very high place and I thought that there was only water below.

So I jumped.

Turned out that there was some land down below. So…you can figure out the rest. Fortunately I downloaded the death chest mod a while ago so all of my stuff was saved in a chest. The down side is that I can’t seem to find it.

I have looked around since Monday. No luck. I think I know the general area in which it is but still nothing.

This is what I think I know:

  • The chest should be located very close to water on a very tall island or mountain.
  • I traveled West (or East) for most of the time. I followed the sun.
  • I walked past a bunch of trees in the water.
  • I am not sure, but I thought that I walked the whole way, no boat

Here are a few pictures explaining my predicament.


Another spider jockey I came across.

Yesterday I went into my screenshots folder to see if i took any pics before I lost all my stuff. This was the only one. Not very helpful though. This is a sponge which is available because I have the finite liquid mod.

No seriously, GO AWAY!

So many places that that chest could be. WHY CANT I FIND IT?!

My map of the area which I believe, somewhere, holds my chest

This image is blocked due to copyright infringement.

I give up for today

I cleared out a giant forest and I got a crap load of wood. THANK YOU TREECAPITATOR!

I think i might build a huge castle or something, not sure.

Yes because this is just the thing that government needs, more power.

Good night world.

Thanks for reading. I am not going to rant about this whole SOPA and PIPA thing but after reading about it I know that this is not something that I would ever want. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure that all bloggers would not want these acts to go through if they understood what they mean.

That’s it. I hope it all works out and I hope I find my chest. HAPPY MINING!

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