The upcoming update, “Welcome to the Jungle.” (19/365)

Today I decided to show you guys some information about the newest update yet to come. Since the beginning of the year, Jens Bergensten, aka “Jeb,” has been releasing a huge amount of updates and new content for Minecraft. Some of you may not know this, but Jeb has taken over Minecraft development. But to be clear he has only taken over the development, Notch still owns the rights to the game, along with his company, “Mojang.” Anyway onto some info about the upcoming update, here is a snap shot.

I do not have any photos, because none have been released yet.

The biggest addition is the inclusion of a Jungle biome into terrain generation. This biome includes a new tree type along with different kinds of leaves. Once this is up, Minecraft will have a total of 4 different kind of trees. It will be nice to have some variety in our flora.

Along with the inclusion of Jungle biomes, Jens had added another use to vines. Now, with vines you can climb them similar to a ladder, however it only works if there is a solid block behind the vines.

Zombies have a new, (and hopefully improved) pathfinding AI.

Wolves also have a new AI, and you can now breed wolves. This is a great addition for many of us players. Now that we can breed wolves we won’t have to worry about searching for a new one every time a wolf charges towards a creeper. Although with the new AI, hopefully they won’t do that.

That’s about it for now. I could not get onto Minecraft tonight, but next time I will try and include some actual pictures.

Besides this one:

Cmon. you can't say that dog isn't cute.

Thanks for viewing!



Download link for this weeks snapshot:


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