Day 22- Moving Day (20/365)

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Hello. It’s moving day here on my map. After living on my island for months, I have decided to move back home. I am going back to my original spawn point at my old lighthouse.

For what you may ask?

Well I am not exactly sure yet but I know that I am going to build a large wooden building. If you guys forgot from my previous post, I cut down A LOT of trees and now I need something to build.

It is going to be huge. I am looking at youtube videos and pictures of other houses, buildings, etc. to get a few ideas of what to build. So I am slowly starting to piece it together in my head. I will be working on it quite a bit in the next few days.

Here is where the construction is going to take place and all the stuff that I am going to need in order to build it.

I chose this place because this is where all of those trees that I cut down used to be. This entire land was full of them.

This should be enough.

My temporary home.

House interior. It’s very simple, I just wanted a bed basically.

This is all of the stuff that I got from my island and brought back. This isn’t everything from my island, just the necessary stuff.

Jonah the Lumberjack

Such a nice sunset…

Thanks for reading. This was just a preview of the posts to come. I hope this works out as well as my island…if not better.


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