Mod Review- Helicopter Mod (21/365)

Hello everyone, Tyler here to do a brand new mod review. The Block Brothers haven’t done a mod review in a while now so I figured it’s time to do one!

Today I’m here to introduce you to the amazing Helicopter Mod! This mod has been long a work-in-progress, and now the mod has finally been released. The mod itself is nice, and easy, and the controls are easy.

The crafting is really simple, basically build a boat shape, but include one piece of wood directly above.

A look at the THX Helicopter.

The mod makes it easy to travel around, fast, in style.

Why hello there cows, it's time to die!

By pressing the "r" button, which is short for "Rockets" you can easily kill a cow. You can't see it very well in this photo, but the rockets look like sheep wool. But this is Minecraft, so you can't expect top quality rockets.

Also, pressing "m" will fire a powerful missile that will kill mobs in a single hit, it also will destroy weaker blocks. Very useful for bombing or widening a tunnel.

There we are! The Helicopter mod! I know the review is a little short, but thanks for tuning in. I plan on making a in-detail mod review for Mo’ Creatures, but that will be awhile in the future. Enjoy the mod!


Helicopter mod link:


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