Day 23- Castle Part 1 (22/365)

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Hello and welcome back to The Block Brothers! I am pleased to bring you another update on my castle building efforts. I think I played for *counting in my head: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6……* well I’m not sure how long I played Minecraft yesterday.

Anyway here is what I accomplished

Here is the land on which I will build my castle

I had to fill up all the craters and lakes

I stayed out too late one night and ran into 5 creepers. There were also a bunch of endermen.

“That’s a very nice castle you have there. Sssssss…”

More chests and more junk.

Here is the after picture. All the craters have been filled up and I flattened the land

I came back to my island and ran into a creeper and look at what he did! …jerk

Here is the progression of my castle. I have only begun work on the 1st level so far.

Here is a trench I dug for a little river all around my castle

I made a self-repairing bridge to my castle, thank you Tyler for the demo.

I have a lot of dirt now too.

Here is all the wood I have left


There you go. That is all the work I have done so far. I plan to continue my building efforts in a day or two, I am a little busy this week so I might not have an update for a while.

Thanks for reading and, of course, HAPPY MINING!

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