LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 2- Not Alone (29/365)

*HERE IS THE FINISHED VIDEO: https://theblockbrothers.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/video-lost-adventure-map-chapter-2-not-alone/*

There has been a lot of fighting amongst the passengers. You think everyone could use a little fun.

Step 1: Build a golf course


"Welcome to the first, and hopefully last, Island Open."

Such a pretty sunrise. Time for yet another day of running from polar bears, smoke monsters, and the Others.

Things haven’t really gotten better. Shannon, one of the survivors, gets sick and Sawyer refuses to give up the medicine. You punch him in the face, but then realize you need to cool down. Your temper got the better of you. You decide to walk away from the camp.

Step 2: Find Rousseau’s bunker

"But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more."

Le Crater

The wire. This will lead me to Rousseau's bunker.

Here's the end. By the way, I am pretty sure it never snowed on the island, just saying.

Here it is, the bunker.

Interior. There were two guns (bows) and a bunch of bullets (arrows) inside.

What is this?


Step 3: Make your way back to the caves.

"Listen to me..."

"...we are not alone."


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