LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 3- Lost Hope (30/365)

You’ve decided to join a hunting party. While searching for boar, you find a metal object in the ground.

Step 1: Find the hatch

What the heck is that?

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

"How do you open a hatch that has no handle, no latch, no discernible way of opening it?"

You find The Hatch, but you don’t know how to open it. You return to the caves and tell no one.

There is a nearby waterfall. You decide to go for a swim. Something shiny catches your eye in the pool of water.

Step 2: Find the waterfall and retrieve items from the chest

"Come on freckles. After all we've been through on this damn island, don't we deserve something good?"

The Marshal's suitcase.

"4 pistols and bullets"

When you open the chest, you find guns (bows and arrows). The guns don’t seem safe to have on the Island, at least for now.

Sun, another survivor, has made a garden. She has planted food in case it ever runs out.

Step 3: Find Sun’s garden and harvest 3 wheat.

Nice garden.

Speaking of food, Jin, Sun’s husband, seems to be bringing back a lot of fish. You decide to investigate. You find him on the beach, fishing in a tide pool. Perhaps, if you ask nice, he’ll teach you. Speak slowly as his English isn’t very good.

Step 4: Catch 3 fish

Gone fishin'

Meanwhile, you decide to help in the building of a raft. It’s a tough project, but you have all the time in the world.

Step 5: Help build a raft

It's beautiful

Tragedy strikes when the raft is lit on fire and completely destroyed. No one knows who did it.

Step 6: Burn the raft

All that "hard" work for nothing.

The raft was a source of hope for the survivors, but no longer. Now it is lost.

That's all that's left. Better make a new one.

Good night island. Good night moon. Good night smoke monster. Good night Others.


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