LOST Adventure Map: Chapter 4- Exodus (31/365)


Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I hope to start making videos of this adventure map very soon. My hope is to cover the first 4 chapters again and then afterwards combine both the video and the screenshot post into one post (or i might just do the video, whatever is better/convenient). I am going to try to make these videos as awesome as I can. I haven’t done any video editing before but I am going to try to learn. Thanks for reading and be sure to stop back soon for new videos.

You have been working on The Hatch for days now, but nothing seems to be able to break it open. You’ve tried rocks and sticks. You pray for a sign from the Island and get a strange dream about a plane. You take this dream literally and find the plane in the jungle.

Step 1: Find this dream plane and look for your “sign”

Honestly, I saw this and had no idea what it was at first. Then I thought about it for a minute and figured out that this was the hippie van (Dharma van)! ...sweet

Another plane???

Based on the maps inside this plane is from Nigeria.

"Here's your sign!" "Heroin that's all that's in here!" ...keep Charlie away from this plane.

Drogas! (spanish for drugs, if you couldn't figure that out for yourself)

A radio! "Hello, we're survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, please copy!" "WE are the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815."

Back at the camp after a long day. It's about to get longer.

The construction on the new raft is going well. It is nearly complete and not a moment too soon. The tide will be shifting and it must go now. Several of the passengers fight to see who will go on the raft.

The French woman, Rousseau, arrives to your camp and tells you that “The Others” are coming. She explains that sixteen years ago, when she was pregnant, “The Others” came and took her baby. She tells you about the Black Rock, a ship with dynamite, and you decide to follow her.

Step 2: Find the Black Rock and get some TNT.

The new raft is finished and ready to take off and get help.

We are on our way to get dynamite so that we can blow this thing open before the Others get here.

"This is it. THIS is the Black Rock."

There should be plenty of dynamite in the ship.

"How exactly does something like this happen?"

The captain's quarters

You decide to use the TNT to open the hatch.

Step 3: Use the TNT to blow open the hatch

We got the dynamite, we got the fuse, time to blow it up.


It is done.

The hatch has opened and you look down into the dark tunnel. Meanwhile, the raft has sailed off into the open ocean. You hope they return with help.

Creepy ladder down into a creepy hallway. Sounds fun but not tonight.

"Quarantine." Uh oh...

*Pretend I am talking to a large audience* "Everything's going to be okay. We're going to stay here tonight, together. The sun comes up in three hours and we're all going to be here to see that happen. I promise."


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