Minecraft Tip #1 (33/365)

Starting today, The Block Brother are going to try and provide our audience with some simple tips for Minecraft!

Tip #1 Efficient Farms.

If you’ve ever gone onto a Minecraft server or even watched most playthroughs, you may have noticed how most farms are terribly inefficient. Here is a way to create a truly efficient farm.

Here are some examples of inefficient farms:

Wasted space

Here is a great example of a truly efficient farm.

Look at that, one water block can irrigate 48 blocks of farmland. The trick is that water will irrigate any 4 blocks in the vertical and horizontal directions, along with the diagonal directions. Put it simply, water will irrigate any block up to 4 blocks of space away. You can easily irrigate a 9*9 plot or bigger with minimal loss of land.

There we are for the first ever Minecraft Tip. I hope you enjoyed, until next time!


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