Minecraft Tip #2 (34/365)

Here are 10 things you should always have with you when going on a mining adventure (sorry I couldn’t get on Minecraft tonight to take my own screenshots but I got some images off of google).

1. Crafting table- This is one thing that will always come in handy if you are going somewhere. If you ever need more tools and have the resources to make them then you will need a crafting table.

2. Pickaxe- This is sort of an obvious one. If you are going mining then a pick might come in handy.

3. Sword- Unless you are playing on Peaceful mode then there is always a chance that you can run into a skeleton, creeper, etc. And if you do then you had better be prepared.

4. Torches- You can’t go mining if you can’t see, well you could but you are going to have a hard time seeing.

5. Compass- If you get lost and you have a bunch of useful items with you like diamonds or diamond tools then you can’t die and lose all of that stuff. You need a way to find your way back, one way to do that is if you have a compass.

6. Food- Of course, you need food to stay alive. Not only can you get hungry and die from it but your health will not replenish if you hunger bar is too low.

7. Bucket of water- You’re looking for diamonds and you see a bunch of them. The only problem is that there is a river of lava keeping you from them. Water will turn that lava into obsidian and give you a nice walkway to those precious diamonds.

8. Wooden Planks/Sticks- If you need more torches or more tools but don’t have any sticks to make them with then you are screwed.

9. Stack of dirt- If you need to get up to a high place or if something is just out of reach then you can use some dirt or other building block as a makeshift staircase.

10. Chest- If you have important/useful items that you can’t lose but can’t hang on to for whatever reason (too much in inventory, about to do something stupid like fighting a bunch of creepers or trying to make a long jump or walking close to lava) then you should have something to store those items in don’t you think?

Thanks for reading. I hope you find this useful next time you decide to go out on an adventure.


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