Block Brothers Makeover Complete

Hey everyone. I am very pleased to say that the remodeling of our blog is now complete.

There comes a time in everyone’s blog when they realize that the look of their blog just isn’t good enough. Personally, I was never truly happy with the previous design of our blog, it was just a starting point.

In the school newspaper, for which I am an editor for, we say that if you don’t truly love the way your page looks then don’t publish it that way. I can honestly say that I love the way that our page looks now. It took a few days time and a bit of work but I now love it.

Here is just a small tour/behind the scenes look of our blog.

I was thinking one night about how to redesign our blog and I knew we needed a new header image. I thought that the header should represent what Minecraft truly is and, therefore, what our blog is. I came up with a cool idea but I needed to build some tools...

I also needed to build a Minecraft sign. My idea was slowly starting to take form.

Here is the final edit. Not bad for only using Paint, Minecraft, and an online photoshop equivalent.

Here is the background that I worked on today.

Here is a small tour:

Our new header image. As soon as I posted it and saw what it looked like I went crazy. I love it so much. We also have a nice menu bar now.

I really love this thing. With the new theme we are using we now have a post slider. We have the latest tip, LOST post, mod review, as well as the most viewed post (MVP) and the most searched post (MSP).

We will have a featured image with each of our new posts which will show up like this. I think this is also a fairly cool feature (I don't know if we could have done this before or not). You can also rate our posts now.

I can’t take credit for all of this. A lot of the new features here are due to the new theme that we are using, iTheme2.

Thanks for reading. I hope you love the way our blog looks now because I do.

If you like how our blog looks now and want to stay up to date with all our latest posts then you can like our facebook page or follow our blog via email, check out the sidebar for more info.


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