Minecraft Tip #4 (38/365)

-Emergency Shelter

We’ve all gone through this scenario. You’ve started a fresh new world, or you’re traveling in a random direction when the sun goes down. Worrying for your safety you usually head towards a cave or something else offering shelter. Well, I have the solution, a rather simple one actually. The Emergency Shelter!

Such a beautiful sunset, before the terrible night ahead.

No need to worry, for you know the Emergency Shelter technique.

Start by digging a 1x3 hole in the ground. After jumping down, cover the ceiling with a dirt block.

A nice simple Emergency Shelter. With some lights for vision, and comfort, it supplies safety.

If you really want to be fancy, add a bed and a workbench. Simple comforts in a simple shelter.

Minecraft Tip #4! Good luck out there!



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