Minecraft Tip #7 (43/365)

Death is a very real and likely event to happen in Minecraft. Whether it is at the hands of a creeper, of drowning, or falling, or even hunger, is up to you. You will likely die several times while playing Minecraft and at times you will lose all of your diamonds that you spent so long mining and you just might want to cry.

Although death is almost impossible to avoid it can be done. So I have come up with a few tips on avoiding death and how to set up a little “safety net” in case you do die.

Avoiding Death:

#1- Always have proper supplies on hand

You wouldn’t want to run into a pack of skeletons or spiders and realize that you forgot your sword at home. You might be able to run away from these guys or fight them hand to hand but your odds of survival decrease dramatically. Instead, just bring a sword or a bow. Some decent armor might help too.

With a sword, a bow and arrows, and some armor, you are ready to take on any mob that comes your way.

#2- Always bring some torches

You will definitely need torches if you are going mining. You don’t want to be walking in the darkness and not see that giant pit in front of you which will cause you to die. That would suck.

#3- Always bring plenty of food

If you are going on a really long walk and then you realize that your hunger bar is dangerously low but don’t have any food then you are screwed once again. Not only that, but your health won’t regenerate if your hunger bar is too low. Bring some bread, melons, or steak.

#4- Don’t go out at night

If you are trying to survive then it isn’t a very good idea to go out in the middle of the night. There are a bunch of mobs out there that are just waiting to blow you up or eat your brains so don’t do it.

#5- Emergency underground shelter

Tyler wrote a tip of his own about this, check it out here.

Basically, if you were crazy enough to go out at night or if you weren’t able to get home before the sun set and you aren’t prepared to fight an army of mobs then just do it Yogscast style. DIG A HOLE! Dig a little hole, about 3 blocks deep, fill in the ceiling, and you have your own little shelter.

Also, you should always bring a bed for this exact purpose.


Not very pretty, but you will survive the night this way.

Death “Safety Net:”

#1- Always bring a chest with you

If you have valuable items and don’t want to lose them then a chest will come in handy.

#2- Don’t get lost

Always know where you are. Travel in a straight line, leave a bread trail of torches, just do whatever you have to do so you don’t get lost. If you do get lost and die then all of your items will be lost for all eternity which sucks when you have 17 diamonds or a bunch of diamond gear. Take it from me, it sucks!

Where am I???

#3- Always bring a compass

This tip and the next one a sort of an extension to the previous “Don’t get lost” tip. If you bring a compass then you should be able to find your last spawn point or checkpoint. Hopefully, you can find your way back from there.

#4- Check where you are

Check where you are? What do I mean by that? I mean that you should check your coordinates. By pressing F3 while playing Minecraft you will bring up a little chart of confusing stuff and a bunch of numbers. Check to see what your X, Y, and Z coordinates are and write them down. Check periodically so you know where to go to find your stuff if you die.

See that X, Y, and Z on the left side of the screen? Those are the numbers you will need.

#5- Have back up supplies

If you die and there is no way that you can retrieve your items then you will need to start all over with wooden tools . WRONG! All you need to do is have a special back up supply chest of tools and other goodies and you will never need to start over.

Tools, food, torches, armor, a crafting table, a furnace, some dirt, and some cobblestone is what I have in my back up chest. Thankfully, I have never had to use it.

Follow these tips well and not only may you be able to be ready next time death comes knocking on your door, but you may be able to avoid death altogether.



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