Minecraft Tip #8 (44/365)

So you just started playing Minecraft but don’t know what to do. You’re screwed. If you don’t take care of a few important things then you won’t survive the first night. Here are some things that you did to do right away.

Find a forest so you can cut down a few trees

Then cut down the trees so you can make tools, torches, a crafting table, etc.


Turn that wood into wooden planks. This is the beginning of everything in Minecraft. You will not survive without it.

Build a house. Doesn't need to be beautiful just secure.

Make some sticks

Make a wooden pickaxe to start

Then a wooden sword

On the next day go and find a small cave. Get some stone for better tools and some coal for torches

DO NOT go deep into the cave! You will encounter skeletons, creepers, etc. of which you are not prepared for.

Make some torches.

Find a bunch of animals, especially sheep.

I am sorry to say it but...kill them all. You need food and a bed so they must die. Well...I guess you could just harvest the wool from the sheep instead of killing them

Make a bed

Make a stone pickaxe.

and a stone sword

You are now ready to take on the world of Minecraftia. Be careful out there and HAPPY MINING!


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