Minecraft Tip #9/10 (46/365)

Hello, the Block Brothers are here to give you yet some more tips to help out the average minecrafter in their experience.

Tip #9

Wood Blocks can be smelted into Charcoal. Charcoal is equivalent in uses to Coal, but is much more efficient. So, if your first night didn’t yield you any Coal, all you need to do is cook some Wood Logs and you will have Charcoal. You can also use Charcoal in the same recipes as Coal,(Torches,etc.) Very useful!

Very Simple

Tip #10

Ender Pearls Teleport. Not joking.

If you throw an Ender Pearl (by right-clicking) the player character will launch the ender pearl and you will be teleported to wherever it lands. A fair warning though, you will take some fall damage from that action.

Video Showcasing this; Not by the Block Brothers

Ender Pearl Teleportation


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