Minecraft Tip #11 (48/365)

The biggest part of Minecraft is building. But if building is number one, then surviving is definitely number two. If you are going to survive in Minecraft, then you need to know what you are going up against.

There is quite a variety of mobs in Minecraft, peaceful mobs and dangerous mobs. This tip is about the dangerous ones.

Overworld mobs- Ground level (these are the mobs that you will see in the main world on ground level):

1) Skeletons

This is my least favorite mob. Due to its ranged attacks, it can be extremely unpleasant and very dangerous. However, you can easily escape from them. Skeletons will also die when exposed to sunlight.

2) Spiders (normal spiders)

Spiders can also be somewhat dangerous due to their speed. You can get away from it if you sprint but it will be able to keep up with you if you don't.

3) Spider jockeys

The dreaded spider jockey. This is an uncommon mob but you will see it one day. The speed of a spider combined with the ranged attacks of a skeleton make this one of the most dangerous mobs out there. This is a combination of two different mobs so they will die separately. When one dies, the other will continue to try and kill you.

4) Creepers

The infamous creeper. Everyone knows what these little jerks are capable of. Their explosion makes them dangerous but they can be easily killed and therefore should not be greatly feared.

Here is what happens when you walk too close to a creeper.

5) Zombies

Let me just start off by saying that you should not fear this mob. Zombies will try to eat your delicious brains but they are so slow and so easy to kill that fear is not needed.

6) Endermen

This is a dangerous mob indeed. First of all, you should know that endermen can destroy certain blocks. Secondly, they suck. Don't look directly at them because they will instantly become hostile. And these little buggers can teleport too. If you are in the middle of a fight with them and then they are gone, LOOK BEHIND YOU! They could be anywhere so stay on your guard, these guys inflict a lot of damage.

Where did he go???

How did he get all the way over there?!

An enderman will drop this when killed. This is an ender pearl which has one of two uses. It can be used to teleport you somewhere in view, just right-click (note: you won't be able to pick the pearl back up, one time use only). The second use is that you will need multiple ender pearls in order to get to THE END. I will do a post on that later this week.

We all know that mobs can only spawn in the dark, but some of them can't survive in the light. Zombies and skeletons will start on fire when exposed to the sun. However, the improved AI coming in Minecraft 1.2 will make these mobs run for cover or water when the sun begins to kill them.


This is what those blasted zombies and skeletons will do when they start on fire. Run to a water source or look for shade.

Overworld Mobs- Caves (these mobs will only show up below ground level, usually in caves)

1) Cave spiders

You don't know how much I hate these things. These spiders are smaller, faster, and worse than normal spiders. These things will poison you and your health will start to decrease until the poison wears off. Cave spiders will only be found in abandoned mine shafts. STAY AWAY!

2) Slimes

Slimes are easy to kill and aren't very dangerous but if you get surrounded by them then you are in trouble. Slimes start out big and when you kill them they will seperate into two smaller slimes. Those two will then seperate into four smaller slimes. Then they will die and drop slime balls.

Nether mobs (these mobs will only be found in the Nether):

1) Pigmen

Pigmen are weird zombie pigs that wield a gold sword but are nearly harmless. Like zombies, they should only be feared when they are in a large group...or when you are standing next to a cliff and the only thing below you is lava.

2) Ghasts

These things will fly around in the Nether and shoot fireballs at you. They let out a weird cry which, if heard, signals the proximity of a ghast and if you are not prepared with a bow and arrows, will likely cause fear to run through your veins. RUN LIKE HELL!

3) Magma cubes

These things are basically Nether slimes. With the Minecraft 1.1 update, magma cubes now drop magma cream.

4) Blazes

Another scary mob. Like the ghast, blazes will fly around (you can find them in or near a Nether fortress) and shoot fireballs at you. But they shoot three at a time, although not as consistently, making them more dangerous than the ghast. Due to their smaller size they are also harder to kill with a bow.

Those are all the mobs that you will find in the Overworld and the Nether. Be careful and choose your fights wisely. Happy Mining!


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