THE END (49/365)

Before the official release of Minecraft, the game was meant to continue forever and ever. When Minecraft 1.0.0 came out (before that actually because it was included in one of the Pre-releases), the creators included a new realm in the world.

Before this time there was only the Overworld and the Nether. Now, we have The End. “The End” is much more difficult to get to than the Nether is. And once you get there, you may wish that you had never left the Overworld in the first place.

This is an Eye of Ender. You can get one by combining an Ender pearl (which you can get by killing an Enderman) and blaze powder.

While holding an EoE, if you right-click the eye will lead you to a stronghold where you will find Ender portal frames. If the eye flies upward it is showing you the direction to go. If it falls down to the ground then you are above a stronghold.

Once you find where a stronghold is, just dig straight down. Be careful though, there is an open pool of lava that you could fall into.

This is a stronghold, complete with an ender portal frame and open pool of lava beneath. You must put an EoE into each frame block for the portal to activate. Therefore, you will need 12 eyes to activate it.

Here is a completed and activated End portal. When you walk through and the world loads you will find yourself on an obsidian platform. NOTE: you could be underground or be on a floating obsidian platform so be careful and don't die.

The End is FULL of Endermen who will want to kill you so don't look at them or attack them if you know what's good for you.

It is always dark in The End so it is hard to see. And, just a heads up, there is more than just Endermen in this world.

THERE'S A DRAGON! Yes. The boss in this world is a dragon! The only way you are ever getting out of The End is by killing it or dying. By the way, you are going to need a bow and plenty of arrows.

There are a bunch of pillars all over the place. On top of these pillars are Ender crystals that will heal the dragon. You must destroy these. They can be best destroyed with a bow since they explode when destroyed and you don't want to be standing next to it when it does explode.

It will take a long time to take out the dragon but it is very possible.

Eventually, the dragon's health will be depleted and you will see it fly away, and then... will die in a magnificent explosion.

With the dragon dead, the portal back to the Overworld will pop up along with a dragon egg on top of a pillar. There will also be a massive amount of experience surrounding the portal. I went from about level 30 to level 110. So you don't want to forget about that.

When you enter the portal you will see the End credits to the game which is the "End Poem." If you want to read the whole thing, knock yourself out. Otherwise, press the escape key.

That is all there is to The End. If you want to check it out yourself then I wish you the best of luck. Bring a bow, a bunch of arrows, some  good armor, and don’t try to kill the Endermen. That is all for today my fellow Minecrafters, as always, HAPPY MINING!


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