Not only is today President’s Day, it is a very special day for one of the Block Brothers. Today is Tyler’s birthday. He asked if I could cover the post today since it’s his birthday and I agreed and I instantly knew that I was going to make a little something for him.

So, Tyler, I hope you like chocolate cake. I got you a little present too.

Tyler's birthday cake complete with diamond pickaxe, 18 candles, and some coal/diamond/iron etc.

I'm not sure why I decided to put a tree on it, I just did.

I am sort of surprised how quickly I was able to put this together. I was thinking that it would take a much longer time to make.

There are the decorations. dirt block, stone block, diamond, coal, iron, gold, redstone, and a tree.

I felt that the cake needed a diamond pickaxe.

Here's a nice big slice of chocolate cake.

As I am writing this caption right now I am developing a craving for chocolate cake. I just made brownies yesterday though so its all good.

Okay it's time to open your present.


Everybody loves diamonds, right?

It might take a while to mine all of this stuff but it will be worth it.

I hope you have a great birthday Tyler. It has been awesome working with you on this blog, thank you for giving me the idea of making this blog and for writing a bunch of awesome posts.

And to the rest of you out there, HAPPY MINING!


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