The Block Brothers: What’s to Come (53/365)

Hey guys. I decided that today I am going to write a little post about what is to come on our blog.

We hope to start writing some more Mod reviews in the weeks to come. Including a Mo’ Creatures review, possibly a Finite Liquid review, and also a Smart Movement review.

I hope to start filming some more LOST videos this weekend or Monday and hopefully publish one by Tuesday or Wednesday.

There is a secret project that I may or may not do in the weeks to come. It depends on whether or not it ends up to be cool.

There are other things that we have in mind for the weeks to come but these are the big ones. And, hopefully, Minecraft 1.2 will be released soon and we will have an update on that when it does come out.

Remember if you like our blog you can follow our blog via e-mail or like our Facebook page (both of which can be found on the sidebar), and just be sure to stop back here every day for a new Minecraft post.

Thanks for reading we will try to have a real post tomorrow.


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