Minecraft Tip #13 (54/365)

One of the best things that you can do when you first start out in Minecraft is to look for a village. Villages aren’t always the easiest things to find but if you do, you could possibly find some great loot.


This is a village.

Normal house.

Say hello to Squidward

House interior

Here is a well


Here is a garden which can be found all over villages. You will get a lot of food out of this.

Here is the interior of one of the towers which are very common in villages

Here is a house with a bunch of bookshelves in it which is great if you are trying to enhance your enchantment table.

Here is a blacksmith's house. This is a great find and is sort of rare. It took me three tries to find a village with one of these houses. Here is why they are so rare and special.

There is a chest inside. With what, you may ask?

Awesome stuff! Some apples, bread and iron.

You know what? I found another blacksmith’s house in the same village with even better stuff inside.

Armor! More iron! and...DIAMONDS!

Here is a deck in a village, look's nice anyway.

Village lamp...very...fancy

Here is one of the towers I was talking about before.

And that is why villages are so amazing. If you can find one, take whatever you find, or you could actually live within the village. You will have a lot of squidward neighbors though.



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