Day 24- Side Project: House on a Hill (55/365)

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Yesterday when I was working on finding a village for my Minecraft Tip #13 post I found a nice little hill which I thought would be perfect for a house. So I marked the spot and came back today to build a house there. It quickly became much more than that.

Here is the hill with a nice little house on top with a large garden on the smaller hill and a little minecart track connecting the two.

I fixed the hills a little bit so that you could not climb up there by normal means.I built a large obsidian wall around my house to make it even more difficult to break in.

My wheat/melon garden

Here is my minecart track. Most of the track is powered rails and it is set up so that the minecarts are constantly running.

As you can maybe see my minecarts are up there and moving all by themselves (with help from powered rails of course).

What is that odd piece of sand you wonder? I will explain soon.

I dug a large hole. So large that i broke through into the void. Again, I will explain later.

Here is the exit from my master home.

And here is the entrance to my fake home. I will explain, of course, later.

Here I am, home sweet home.

My simple home. But appearances can be deceiving.

I will give you a hint, there is something strange about this fireplace.

Get rid of the fire/netherrack and you will find a nice little hole to somewhere…

Hmm, interesting.

A button? What does this do?

A sand-pushing piston. That is the reason for the sand in the hill. This extends all the way to the end. And the reason for the void is so the sand will go somewhere where it isn’t in the way.

A trap door to somewhere very mysterious…

A fell from the hole into a large room.

Two large pillars and a staircase.

Here is the cave from the staircase. Complete with waterfall.

Another trap door. This time, underwater.

Three chests, full with goodies.

Here is one of the pillars on the main level, with a switch in front of it.

Ooooo, a chest…again.


Here is the kitchen/work room.

Fridge and ovens.

Put in some crafting tables too.

Supply room

Four chests full of stuff


Got food?


Just in case I ever need some tools/armor

The final trap door to the exit.

Another hole. I know…”very creative”

There is the exit

Another pic of my beautiful minecart track.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the extremely late post tonight. Tyler is going to do a post tomorrow on the most recent Minecraft screenshot I believe. Until then, HAPPY MINING!

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