Day 25- A New Hope…oops, I Mean A New Home (57/365)

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I have officially moved into my new home on the hill. This momentous day was marked with a truly momentous act. I have now decided to stop my building efforts on my wooden castle.

Here is my castle as I left it so long ago.

I have given up hope on ever completing it as well as not giving a crap anymore so I decided to burn it. I figured it was easier than destroying the thing block by block.

When the fire took out most of the castle I just destroyed the rest by hand. I did not destroy the bridge though. I imagine I may come back here one day. I already have a nice moat, bridge, and cleared out land so I will keep that at least.

Not only did I keep the bridge, but I improved on it as well. Until now I had been using the Vertical Redstone Mod for my circuits and I deleted the mod so now I have to fix all my contraptions.

I decided to get rid of the mod because while it was helpful in making convenient redstone circuits it also screwed up pre-existing circuits. So when I would play on my LOST map all the circuits on there would keep getting screwed up.

I still like the mod but I can’t use it for as long as I am playing my LOST map. Which, by the way, I will try to get another video up by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Another side quest I completed today was repairing my map from my Mo’ Explosives mod rampage. I had two major holes in my world which are on the way to my new home and I don’t want to fall into those so I had to fix it a bit. I put a stone barrier around the area so I don’t dig there and fall to my painful death.

This place was attacked with a lava bomb and a pack of bundled C4 (I think…) so that took some work to repair it all.

Anyway, back to my new home. Here is my fully grown garden. I just felt like putting this pic in here. And look, there is something new on the hill there.

“Press twice” Okay then. Hopefully nothing explodes.

Ooooh. Another secret door. I don’t know how many secret tunnels I have on these hills but there are A LOT.

Well I counted how many secret entrances I have. Well…I don’t know if they could all be considered secret, but I believe I have about 8-9 different piston doors between both hills. Anyway, here is the tunnel to my “den” or whatever you want to call it. I don’t really have an exact word for what this place is, I was bored.

“Again, press twice.” Nothing secret about this one, just closing the tunnel behind me.

Here we are…

Massive light source.

Work area

More chests. Filled with the normal stuff. Food, armor, tools, blocks, etc.

Hmm, another secret door perhaps…


A lovely little waterfall down to the ground level. Just to keep me from breaking my legs…and keeping this place hidden.

See. Fairly hidden if you didn’t know where to look.

Seemed a shame to have all that water and not make a pond out of it.

Back to the main hill. I renovated my house with some pistons so that I don’t have to keep destroying the netherrack blocks. I know there is a way to light it on fire using pistons but it would make it a lot more complicated and it just isn’t worth it.

Pull the levers and there you go.

I got rid of one of the pillars to make way for a new contraption. I am guessing I made this more difficult than it needed to be because all this is is a couple pistons.

That’s all it is. One piston on the bottom and one on top. Most of the stone is just covering up the redstone.

This, of course, leads out of the cave and back to my house.

I also found out about a way to make so that sand is destroyed on impact. So I got rid of the hole to the void and I put a trap door on the ground, beneath the sand, so when it falls it is destroyed on impact (it doesn’t remain a normal, solid sand block).

Back to the other hill, I added a new, underground, addition. I had everything here. Crops, armor, tools. But there was one thing that I was missing. Something very important to the Minecraft world…

Let’s go down these stairs and find out what’s inside.


Ha! I’m a magician, I knew it.





And finally…

SHEEP! Grass included.

Beautiful…isn’t it?

Waterfall in the moonlight.

I was having a “small” problem with mobs spawning on my hills so I threw torches and glowstone EVERYWHERE. Don’t believe me? Check it out. I need to think of a new method because this is a little too much. You’ll see.

Okay this isn’t what I was talking about but I just wanted to do something fun on the side of the mountain.


I say again…EVERYWHERE! And if you look at the bottom of the picture you can see some torches on the ground there too. I threw some down around the entrance and exit.

I will say however, it looks cool at night…and at day.

Thanks for reading! I really love this new place that I built. Right now I have been playing on creative mode to build the whole thing and to make some improvements but I will eventually start playing on survival again once I am satisfied with how it looks (I am playing with the TooManyItems mod so I can switch from Survival to creative mode whenever I want).


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