Minecraft Update 1.2! (61/365)

The much-anticipated Minecraft Update is finally here! Mojang has really done a good job with this update, adding a plethora of features. Here we go. 
  • New map file format called Anvil, allowing a new height limit (256 instead of 128).
    • However, in the Nether, layers 128 to 256 are only accessible in creative mode, due to the unchanged ceiling bedrock at layer 127.
  • New Jungle biome.
  • Added Ocelots.
  • Added Cats.
  • Added Iron Golems.
  • New AI for mobs
  • Tame wolves can have puppies.
  • Villagers will have children if there is room in their village.
  • Zombie sieges will occur occasionally at night.
  • Zombies break down doors on hard difficulty.
  • New items and blocks.
  • Added rare drops for mobs.
  • Added the items Fire Charge and Bottle of Enchanting.
  • Added Redstone Lamps.
  • Added 3 new blocks textures (NewSandstoneGrid1.pngNewSandstoneGrid2.pngGrid Circle Stone Brick.png), that aren’t yet used in survival (Circle Stone Brick is accessible in creative).
  • Changed Dispenser and Oak Sapling textures. (Dispenser.pngGrid Sapling.png)
  • Slabs and Stairs can be placed upside-down by placing them below a block.
  • Placing blocks on Grass will replace it.
  • Lava now has a faint rumbling sound effect, and large particles that hop out of the lava produce a popping sound.
  • Very rare Desert Wells can be found in Desert biomes.
  • Third person view may now show the sides of the player’s head when rotating.
  • F3 has some changes and additions:
    • lc:
    • b: Shows what biome you are in.
    • bl: Block brightness.
    • sl: Sky brightness.
    • rl: Raw brightness.
    • Due to popular demand, Seed info is now “0” in SMP to avoid people recreating the world in SSP
  • Clouds cast very faint shadows onto the terrain and when an undead or enderman mob is in the shadows, they can resist the daylight.
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes.

And to show some of these features a slideshow!

First off, some of the new trees included in Jungle Biomes! By putting four of the new Jungle Tree saplings right next to each other, using a few pieces of bonemeal, a giant Jungle Tree will grow.

4 of the new Jungle Tree saplings.

After a bit of bonemeal……


You can also create a new Iron Golem which will spawn and defend villages naturally. You can force fully create them with 4 blocks of Iron shaped like a snowman but with arms, and a pumpkin. They are a bit of a waste though, 36 iron for one golem, and when they die they only drop 4 pieces. Although to admit, they take a while to die, they have a lot of armor.

They are also natural zombie killers.

Next up: Ocelots. These are very timid creatures that tend to hide in the Jungle bushes.

Ocelots are very timid creatures, in order to tame them you need to stand still and hold some fish in your hand.

Once tamed:

A cute fluffy kitty! I shall now name you Fluffy. The sad thing is I name everything Fluffy, dogs, squids, etc.

Also, by feeding two tamed cats fish you can breed them! Cute little kitten.

Wolf Puppies: You can now breed Wolf Puppies by feeding two tamed wolves any type of meat. Porkchops, Steak, Rotten Flesh, etc.

Look at that adorable puppy.

Fire charges: The world’s newest flint and tinder. Basically a fire starter. Like we need another one.

Input » OutputBlaze Powder +

Coal/Charcoal +


Grid layout None (small).png
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Blaze Powder.png
Grid layout None (small).png
Grid layout Arrow (small).png

Grid layout None (large).pngGrid Fire Charge.png

Grid layout None (small).png
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Coal (Item).png
Grid layout None (small).png
Grid layout None (small).png
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Gunpowder.png
Grid layout None (small).png

The recipe photo is a little messed up okay, sorry.

Also, apparently wild grass starts on fire. Little bit of a problem.

Steps can now be placed upside down. A good bit of decoration for a cool house.

An example.

Creepers run from Cats=Best thing ever. You can nearly beat a creeper to death this way. Punch, let it get close to you and your cat scares him away.


And lastly. The new height limit, the world size has been doubled. Which while adding more building space also nearly doubles the lag on my computer. There is absolutely no chance that I can record videos anymore. Darn you Mojang, we didn’t need more space, just make the underground smaller.

You can't even see the top!

Journey To The Top Of The World- A photo montage by Tyler

30 seconds into the climb, at full speed, we reach the top. Amazingly the jump down takes about 10 seconds.


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