From Classic to 1.2 (64/365)

Minecraft has changed a lot. And I mean that in two ways. One, Minecraft has changed the gaming world. It has proven that graphics aren’t the essential piece in a video game, it is entertainment value. It has changed the way that I spend my weekends. It has made this blog.

Two, Minecraft in itself has changed. Minecraft was first introduced to the world in May 2009 when it hit Classic. Indev followed, and then Infdev. Alpha was released in June 2010. Beta was released in December 2010 and it would stay Beta for almost a year. While Notch and company worked out the details with the game to make it amazing, more and more people started playing it and became addicted.

I started playing Minecraft during the Beta days. Although, I didn’t buy the game. For a while, I just played Classic. It was in my Journalism 2 class that I heard of Minecraft for the very first time. One of the students in the class wanted to do a story on it for our online newspaper. So I saw him playing the game in class for the story and I thought it looked really cool. Of course he was just playing the Classic version but the simplicity and the freedom of the game made me want to play it.

I went home, went to, and played for the first time.

Classic. The only thing to do is build. No creepers, skeletons. Hell, no one knew what a creeper was in Classic.

All there was was cows, pigs, chickens, dirt, stone, and you.

It was beautiful. Bliss. Peace.

I imagine that we are all fairly similar in that the first thing we built was a crappy castle that looked something like this. A stone square with some pillars. Basic and crappy.

The next thing was possibly a large tower. Again, basic and crappy.

I built multiple castles, towers, etc. I even built a coliseum which I will admit took a long time to build and I was quite proud of. I built a memorial island to LOST, the greatest show of all time. I built a hatch, a swan logo, the barracks, the lighthouse, and the four toed statue. Although, after a while, I ran out of things to build. There were limited items to build with in Classic. And so, my love of Minecraft soon died.

Many months after this, I started watching the Yogscast Minecraft videos. And with that, my love of Minecraft returned. It was at this point, that I bought Minecraft, just a couple weeks before the official release of Minecraft.

The first and most important thing to do in Survival is to cut down some trees so you can make some tools and a house

Perfect. Now we can stay safe from those evil creepers.

Make a crafting table

Make some sticks

Wooden pick

Wooden sword

Wooden axe

And lastly, some torches.

You remember the first time you had to run for your life? Probably due to skeletons.

Quick hide. Well at least they can't get us in here.


Creeper go boom, player go die

Dying in the middle of the night, trying to make it back home, and then having to repair your house before another creeper comes to kill you

After a while, after mining, after killing numerous pigs/cows, you get some good armor and some good tools

Let's go kick some a**.

Cue epic fight music. How about this?

Endermen! Evil evil creatures

Skeletons! Time to die...

You'll never take me alive! DIE CREEPERS, DIE!

Unfortunately however, you will die eventually, no matter how good of armor or swords you have.

Eventually, you will also get a nice house. Not just a wooden house, maybe a whole island.

Minecraft has changed so much in the last year it is rather amazing. Now we have wolves, cats, iron golems, endermen. That is quite a bit of progress I would say. The question is, what’s next? What great advancements does Jeb have in mind for Minecraft 1.3 or 1.4? Time will tell.