Minecraft Tip #14 (65/365)

Hey guys. Stay away from caves. No not really. Caves are amazing. They provide nearly endless amounts of coal, iron, and redstone, with a little bit of diamond too if you are lucky. But you had better be careful when you go into a cave.

Oooo, a cave. "Hey, I need some diamonds, I'm gonna go in there, get some diamonds, make a nice sword, and then I'ma gonna go kill some creepers."

Another thing, watch your step and don't dig down or something like this might happen:


Caves just go on and on...

...and on and on and on...

...and on and on...*breathes*...and on and on and on...(okay, I'll stop now)

AH! its dark...where are my torches?

I believe I made a post about this before but don't go in a cave without a sword and torches. You can't walk in the dark and those creepers...well they sure creep up on you.

Oooo, some coal. "I'm gonna go mine me some."

Oooo, a hole. I'm gonna jump down there even though there might be 3 creepers waiting for me.

People in Minecraft like you and me have such a short attention span. We see coal we gotta mine it then we decide to head out before we get lost. Then we see a bunch of iron, then we find a giant mine, then we find some lava, then we find some diamonds. And then we realize that we have no idea where the hell we are and we try to get out but get even more lost. Do you see the problem with this picture?

If you see lava, then you are probably close to diamonds but you are also about as low as you can go. Might be a good idea to turn around if you don't know where you are.

If you are already lost and you run into something like this then I believe that it is an appropriate time to say "Oh shit." You're lost, you're probably gonna die and lose all your diamond stuff. Congrats.

The moral of the story is don’t go really deep into a cave. If you do then you had better leave a really good bread trail. Throw down some torches. Don’t dig down, don’t get lost, and (most importantly) DON’T DIE!

That is all, HAPPY MINING!