The Abandoned Island Part 1 (66/365)

Hey everyone, Tyler here from the Block Brothers! Today I’m going to try something new, by role-playing as the Minecraft character. I hope it turns out the best, here goes!


Steve wakes up to a faceful of water. Panicking he quickly pushes himself upwards, and finds himself on a small desert island. Looking up he see a sight worth beholding.

“Woah.” Steve can not help but stare at the sight ahead. The island manages to combine a forest, a beach and a mountain perfectly. Moving forward he dives into the water. Keeping his head above the water he swims towards the island. Upon reaching the beach, Steve looks up once again.

‘I should check to see if there is anyone else nearby.’ Thinking back an hour, Steve finds himself unable to remember anything, all he remembers is black, and a dark shape coming towards him. “Here we go!” Stepping on the first ledge, Steve finds the climb relatively easy, however, about half way up the slope things turn difficult.

Well, at least there’s some pigs. This time Steve resorts to leaping around the edge to climb upwards.

Almost there!

Reaching a small, overgrown bush Steve notices a vine dangling off the edge. Seeing no other way up the sloped cliff, Steve tests the vines. “Seems sturdy enough, here goes” Putting his whole weight onto the vines, he is surprised to find the vines hold his weight with the smallest of challenge. “Up is the way.”

The vines managed to reach all the way to the treetops. Not looking down, Steve gazes off into the distance.

No way to get off this island. Hmm. “Well, If I can’t leave I will need to find a way to live here at the very least.” Turning around Steve runs across the treetops. The leaves offer a good support for his feet, making an almost imperceptible ground. Reaching a tree he doesn’t think he just does.


Reaching the other tree, Steve starts the long descent towards the beach.

Reaching a tall, lonely tree Steve looks at the trunk with a increasing feeling of amnesia approaches him. The tree looks very hard, and looks like it could hurt bare fists. However,deep within the depths of his consciousness Steve feels a longing feeling that he should…..Punch it…. Testing it experimentally, he finds the tree soft and not too dense. Also looking upon his hand he notices calluses on the fore fingers. Punching the wood a few more times, the block falls off. Strangely however, the tree does not fall down. “Okay then.” Promptly demolishing the rest of the tree, Steve emerges from the shadows of it’s floating canopy to see the sun setting. Feeling a feeling of dread he plans a shelter in his head.

Making the soft logs into wood planks, Steve begins the assembly of his house. Within a few minutes the house is done, at least offering some shelter from the openness of the island.

“I have a bad feeling about tonight.”


There we are! The first in a hopefully entertaining series, from the viewpoint of Steve, our wonderful narrator and camera! Happy Mining!


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