Minecraft Coming to Xbox 360 (69/365)

Hey everyone! You may or may not know that Minecraft is going to be coming out to Xbox 360 soon. Well, it is! So far Minecraft has made it to our computers and our mobile devices, such as iPods and Androids, with Minecraft Pocket Edition which was released for Android 2.1+ back in October. Well now Mojang will be releasing Minecraft in Xbox 360. Exciting, right? Well let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect from the 360 version.

*Note: Not all of this information has been confirmed, there are some rumors included here. So if we are wrong about something don’t you come complaining to us.

The 360 version of Minecraft was announced at the 2011 E3 conference this past June. And those who attended Minecon back in November were able to try out the 360 version…lucky ducks.

Also, Notch has said that the 360 will be the sole console provider for Minecraft. So to those of you who own a PS3, like I do, my deepest apologies but if you want it that bad then you will have to go buy a new Xbox 360. I won’t be that crazy, though, I will stick to the computer version.

4J Studios will be developing the game which is rumored to come out by late March (wait, it is March. OMG that means it might come out soon *cue girly scream*)

The 360 version will be unique in a few aspects. For one, it will offer 4-player split screen play and also up to 8-person online multiplayer. Also, updates for the 360 version (which will be free just like the computer version) will come out about 1-2 months after the corresponding computer update is released. Perhaps the coolest and most curious aspect of the 360 version is that it can be played using Kinect. I don’t know what Kinect would allow you to do in Minecraft but it is an interesting idea.

The cost of the 360 version is rumored to be somewhere between 800-1200 Microsoft Points.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining!


2 comments on “Minecraft Coming to Xbox 360 (69/365)

  1. Minecraft Blogs are the best. I think connect is going to be really weird with minecraft, especially if you don’t have the best connection! Sweet post though.

    • thanks! yeah since i don’t have a xbox 360 and don’t have kinect i have no idea what to even expect from minecraft on kinect. sounds like it could be good but it also could be kinda crappy.

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