Secret Recipe (70/365)

According to Minecraft Forum’s interview of Notch, there is still a secret recipe that hasn’t been discovered yet. Now I know, you are going to ask me, “Why not search it up on minecraft wiki?” Well the answer is simple. Every single recipe on the wiki was found because of people’s efforts. There is no easy way to find the recipe, there is no cheat, the only way to find it is from trying different combinations. That said, I have a quest for you all.

{To adventure!}

Somehow, we must find out this recipe. It is of the utmost importance. Who knows what kind of power, or ability it will be. It could be an epic weapon or tool of destruction, an awesome potion ingredient, or a blue feather. Who knows? And now onto the Block Brothers, “Totally awesome ideas for items” section. Here goes.

1. Wand

Think about it, who wouldn’t want a wand in Minecraft? I know all you Harry Potter haters are disagreeing with this idea, but how bout’ a real fricking wand! One that actually does something. Remember the Mo’ Explosives mod review earlier this year? How about the power of that in your hands? Or maybe changing Creepers into Bunnies. Hell Yeah!
{Maybe not.}

2. Rappel Arrow.

There have been a lot of mods that have added this to Minecraft and I don’t see why Minecraft Vanilla can’t have this too. Imagine if you needed to get to the top of a mountain, just fire a rope, and climb up the rope. It would be awesome, even better if you could use the rope as an awesome rollercoaster on the way down!
{We totally know that Notch and Jens are laughing at you right now}

3. Fly-Cart

We already have Minecarts, and Boats, we could totally have flying carts. Although how they would fly when made out of iron is a good question. Still, a wonderful idea. No longer are we confined by the ground. The sky is the limit!
{Oh you know I’m right.}

Here we are, our suggestions for the recipe. We are totally right, (Actually 99.99% chance of us being wrong). Now go out there and find the recipe! Happy Mining!


5 comments on “Secret Recipe (70/365)

    • When you think about, it’s not that difficult to get addicted to Minecraft, and lose hours playing. There are very few games that offer the chance to build, and create whatever and however you want. One where you can build the house of your dreams for no cost. Where you can do whatever you want, if you like you can roleplay, you can build, or you could just kill creepers. Something about Minecraft just lure myself, and over 5 million other users to play this game. It’s a game that offers anything and everything. You can get together with friends and build something together on a server, hunt each other down, build artwork, a redstone contraption, or many more. People, like the yogscast, can entertain and make wonderful stories with this sandbox game.

      Sorry about the long response. And yes, it does take dedication. But no more than if someone was building a model ship, or something like that. Thanks for the comment!

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