Featured Pictures: Stupid Chicken (72/365)

First of all I would just like to say that I’m sorry. I screwed up on yesterday’s post when I was talking about moving the clocks back an hour. I meant to say forward but I was being stupid.

When I was working on my Daylight Savings Time post I was having a little disagreement with cows, sheep, and one lone chicken. This dumb chicken was interrupting my wonderful work so I decided to get rid of him.

Hey Mr, Chicken, you wanna know something? This is a superflat world. You know what that means? It means that you are only a few blocks above the void. You picking up on what I’m throwing down?

Muah hahahaha. Goodbye Mr. Chicken!

You having some trouble there Mr. Chicken? You’re flapping your wings but you can’t fly.

It was nice knowing you!


Mr. Chicken

3/11/12 – 3/11/12



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