More Explosives Strikes Back (73/365)

Do you guys remember when I made that More Explosives Mod Review? Well it has been updated for Minecraft 1.2.3 now, and it has come with some improvements. They have added Heavy Matter, Uranium Rods (i don’t know why these things were added though), they changed the way detonation cords look, they added a water bomb (very boring), and they also added fuses. Now you can detonate bombs from a distance…oh, wait…you could already do that. Anyway, fuses are cool.

There are two other changes that have been implemented into this mod.The first one I am not a fan of. The first one is a very bad thing if you have a crappy computer like I do. Well, it’s not a crappy computer for internet and other miscellaneous stuff, but it does suck for games. They MAJORLY increased the power of the nuke. I’m not really certain on how much more powerful it is but my guess is about 10 times stronger. Yeah…fun.

The second big change is a really cool thing that they added. You wanna know what it is? A BAZOOKA! Yes, a bazooka. You can use a standard TNT block, C4, Bundled C4, Lava Bomb, or a nuke. So I decided to try out this new bazooka to see how cool it was.

Here is what happened:

I had just downloaded the new More Explosives update and I was playing around on Minecraft wondering what to do next. I decided to go check up on my old island. I bet you can guess where this is heading.

I arrived at my island to discover that a bazooka was implemented in the new M.E. update. I had to try it out. I got a bazooka and a piece of TNT and shot it into the ocean. I saw how far it went and it was pretty cool. Then…I took a nuke…and I aimed at the ocean…and fired.

It went into the ocean and detonated. Now there were two things I was unaware of at this point. One- that the nuke was much more powerful. Two- that nukes actually explode in the ocean. Now you really know where this is heading.

It exploded and the game froze. Like I said I have a crappy computer so it was frozen for 1-2 minutes. I actually thought that Minecraft was spazzing out because there were about 50 explosion sounds. After that time had passed, the next thing I saw was the “You Died” screen. I instantly became afraid that my island had been obliterated so I hurried back.

I was flying back as fast as I could and my fears were realized when I saw this:

You see that? Holes in the tunnel. That means the bomb did indeed have some bad results for my island. I can’t watch.


My home! Not my beautiful home!

Well, the tower took the least damage. That should be easy to fix at least.

It shut off the portal! Oh well, the Nether scared me anyway. Wait, so obsidian can be destroyed? There is something a bit fishy about that to be honest.

Do you guys know how much time I spent on my island?! I know I should have been smarter and tried it out on a new map but I didn’t think the nuke would be so much stronger this time! Grrrr…stupid nuke. Well…my island was actually only affected by the shockwave. Check this out.

Yeah. What…the…fudge? This is where the nuke exploded. I know you can’t see it, but it went down to bedrock level.

I almost want to cry. You can actually see some of the damage within the ocean. This is going to take a while to fix. I could theoretically fix the ocean problem but that doesn’t sound like too much fun. I’ll probably just cover it up with a new island or something.

Now today, I played with the bazooka some more. ON ANOTHER MAP THIS TIME! I made a giant hole down to lava level using the bazooka and some C4.

And here is the new nuke crater. Wow. I tried to get this screenshot on Far distance so you could see the whole thing. I was running about 3 or 4 frames per second. Took a couple minutes for the whole thing to load.

In conclusion fellow bloggers, followers, and Facebook friends; don’t mess with nukes, or they will mess with you.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mining.


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