Featured Picture: C4 is Dangerous (74/365)

So back when I made that Blood Drive post, I kept playing around a bit on Superflat. I also re-downloaded the Mo’ Explosives mod (I just decided to get rid of it before). Well that was a bad combo. I looked for a village to blow up and I put some bundled C4 all over the village. I put one block in every house. I put 3-4 in the bigger houses. Well…after I put down about 25 or so blocks, something happened. I don’t know how it happened but I accidentally detonated one of the blocks.

It exploded but I forgot that they were bundled C4 so the main explosion had not yet occured. The C4 blocks were scattering everywhere, but only in that house as those were the only ones that had been detonated (there were about 3 or 4 in that house). Anyway, I tried running out the door but I accidentally placed another bomb so now I was really freaking out. My heart was pounding out of fear and excitement.

When I calmed down and figured out what was happening, I busted through the roof and flew away. I remember there being a lot of lag on my computer and when it was done this is what I saw.

So the moral of the story everyone is C4 is very dangerous. And it should never be used without villager supervision. Thank you.

Happy Mining!


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