Iron Golems vs The World (75/365)

Hi there, this is Tyler from the Block Brothers and I was bored a couple of days ago, and I figured, “Why not test out the new Iron Golems?” So here is the post I have made for everyone out there! Hopefully you will learn that Iron Golems are not to be messed with, especially when they are grouped together. Here we go!

Have a zombie problem? Can't get out of your house? Morse code 1-800-Iron-Golems for help.

Iron Golems vs. Zombies

We all know Zombies, how they hunt us down for our brains, how they make annoying sounds. We also know, that while easy to kill one on one, they can be incredibly difficult to kill if you are surrounded. Also, they do some of the most damage that any mob can do, (Besides the creeper of course). Anyway, I pit about 20 Zombies against about 12 Iron Golems, so let’s let the battle begin.


Iron Golems: Roughly 20

Zombies: 0

As I figured the zombies lost, although I was surprised to see that the Iron Golems suffered no casualties. On to the next fight.

Iron Golems vs: Skeletons

Our favorite friends fight our favorite enemies! We all have a dislike of Skeletons. From their sniping tactics, to their mockery, they hold a special place in our heart. (That said place being the part that hates.) Let’s see how they fare.


Iron Golems: 100

Skeletons: 0

Also, not too surprised to find that the Iron golems won, once again. And yet again they suffer no casualties. Although the skeletons have range, the Iron Golems have armor and power.

Next up, Spiders!



Iron Golems: 57

Spiders: 1

The Iron Golems prevail yet again! However, sadly  one of the Iron Golems lost it’s life. But then again, so did about 50 something spiders. Although, spiders do have lots of babies.

Iron Golem vs Zombie Pigmen!

Zombie Pigmen, our enemies from Hell. Definitely a weird combination of a Zombie, (something that tries to eat us),and the Pig, (something that we try to eat).


Iron Golems: 50

Pigmen: 0

Yet again, they win! And now for the finale!

Iron Golems vs All!

I figured that the Iron Golems can handle about everything, so why not all of them at the same time. Here I sent about 150 of the assorted mods against the Iron Golems!



Iron Golems: Rougly 150

All: 2

And surprisingly enough, they won and lost 2 members. I don’t know about you, but in my books that makes them pretty epic. Although, sadly their purpose has been fulfilled. Time to end them in the way that Notch intended us to do.

Wooot! Loot!

!!!TNT!!!And now for the actual finale, in honor of Simon and Lewis from the yogscast.

Here we go!

The aftermath:

You've got to be freaking kidding me!

Well, I hope you learned something. One) Never, ever mess with Iron Golems, Two) They could serve as wonderful guards, and lastly, They are nearly invulnerable to TNT. Oh Dear!

Happy Mining from the Block Brothers!


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